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Manthorpe Building Products is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of plastic injection moulded, vacuum formed and extruded products for the building industry, with extensive product ranges available throughout the UK.

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With over 30 years experience in the plastics industry we manufacture virtually all our products in-house and in recent years we have invested extensively in technology and cutting edge machinery. 

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Quality roof space ventilation products designed to increase airflow into the loft space to combat the build-up of high levels of condensation.

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Loft & Access

Loft access range designed to offer quick and easy entry into the roof space whilst providing an insulated barrier and air tightness around the structural opening.

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Wall & Floor Ventilation

Ventilation products designed to provide airflow into the underfloor void which, if left unventilated, can be a breeding ground for mould and stagnant air.

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Cavity Closers & Trays

Cavity Trays provide protection from water ingress below roof abutments acting as a thermal break for window and door reveals, Cavity Barriers are essential to restrict the spread of smoke and flames within the fabric of the building.

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Rainwater & Drainage

Rainwater products designed to direct rainfall captured by the roof away from the building and drainage channels to prevent surface water build up.

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Flood defence products designed to prevent water ingress into homes and conservation products to help reduce the impact of buildings within the natural environment.

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Air Leakage

Products designed to tackle heat and air leakage enabling house builders to achieve the targets for modern, energy efficient homes.

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Dry Fix Roofing

Manthorpe's dry fix systems provide a high performance, easy to fix and maintenance free solution which can not only speed up the job on site,...

Roofspace Ventilation

In today’s energy conscious society, one of the major problems faced by builders is the build up of high levels of condensation in the roof...

Tile & Slate Ventilators

The Manthorpe range of tile and slate ventilators is designed to provide roof space ventilation, or an outlet for ventilation ducting, through...

Drop Down Loft Doors

The drop-down loft door is an innovative solution to the need for energy efficient loft space access, offering a well-insulated, airtight and...

Fire Rated Loft Doors

The fire rated loft doors are a robust access solution for situations in which fire integrity is paramount. Manufactured from powder coated...

Push Up Loft Doors

The push up loft access doors provide a modern alternative to the traditional timber frame ‘push up’ loft hatch. The historic wooden board and...

Loft Ladders

The multi section loft ladders are a cost-effective solution to domestic loft access when combined with a drop-down loft access door. The...

Plastic Access Panels

Manthorpe’s plastic access panel range allows for quick and simple entry to concealed plumbing, electrics and other utilities. The modular...

Fire Rated Access Panels

In addition to the plastic access panel range, Manthorpe offers...

Tile Access Panels

In many modern bathrooms and kitchens, the streamlined effect of tiling is spoiled by a screwed-to-the-wall hatch to provide access to...

Thru...air® build in, telescopic airbrick system

Designed to provide a ventilation outlet/inlet using a 4/5/6 inch diameter telescopic pipe to a Manthorpe double or triple airbrick.

Telescopic Underfloor Vents

The telescopic underfloor vents provide a clear airflow passage through the wall into the voids below suspended concrete and timber floors. The...


Acting as the external grill opening for through wall or underfloor ventilation ducting, moulded polymer airbricks are the modern evolution of...

Weep Vents

Designed for discreet cavity wall drainage and ventilation requirements. The Manthorpe range of weep vents can be used to drain DPCs,...

5" Core Drill Vents

The 5" core drill vents are designed for use when ventilating a gas appliance or supplying general through wall ventilation. Using a standard 5...

Wall Mounted Grilles

Designed to act as internal grill covers for a range of different ventilation solutions. Available in an array of different colour and material...

Cavity Barriers

For many years cavity closers have provided a reliable solution to the problems of thermal bridging at window and door openings as well as...

Rigid Frame Formers

Rigid Frame Formers

The Manthorpe rigid frame formers are a faster, more efficient, more cost effective alternative to made-on-site timber equivalents. The units...

Cavity Trays

Wind driven rain can often force its way through brickwork into wall cavities. If this damp trickles down the cavity and behind an...

Thermal Cavity Closers

Heat loss and condensation through un-insulated door and window reveals can ruin an otherwise warm and comfortable home. The Manthorpe range of...

TDI Cavity Closers

The TDI range of thermal and fire rated cavity closers are available for a various details and help to reduce heat loss and condensation build...

Drainage Systems

Manthorpe's channel drains offer ultra-efficient removal of standing water from pavements, paths and driveways. Ideal for both pedestrian and...

Rainwater Systems

Our comprehensive MT Rainwater range offers a wide choice of profiles, capacities and colours to suit all styles and applications across...

Flood Defence

Urban flooding over the past decade has caused millions of pounds of damage and insurmountable heartache to homeowners across the UK. Local...

Swift Nesting Brick

The Swift Brick has been developed to provide a safe, spacious and habitable area to allow swifts to nest within the well-built construction of...

Radiator Pipe Guides & Seals

Inexpensive, quick and easy to fit, the radiator pipe guide and seals provide a highly effective air leakage barrier, conserving energy and...

Joist Seals

Designed to meet the requirements of Part L Building Regulations regarding increased insulation and air leakage, Manthorpe’s joist seals...


From our first foray into the building industry through to our latest product innovations, Manthorpe Building Products has grown year on year thanks to a philosophy of continuous investment and development. 

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At Manthorpe we pride ourselves on our high quality standards, not just for the products that we produce; but for our design, manufacture, sales and delivery processes as well.

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Innovation has always been at the core of the company.  From new technology investment to in-house research and development, Manthorpe is constantly looking ahead to meet the needs of the industry.

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